Save heating costs the comfortable way

Our biggest issue right now: what is the easiest way to save as much energy as possible? For one thing, we want to reduce the environmental impact, and for another, we want to beat the steadily rising heating costs. In doing so, we frequently hear and read the same, perfectly sensible, information and tips. However, there is one particularly simple solution that many people do not know about, which is practically at our feet: saving energy through fitted carpets.


The concept is as simple as it is elegant: comfort – an inner feeling of well-being induced by a cosy environment that radiates warmth. It’s obvious that fitted carpets fit right in here. The very idea of walking on soft carpets alone evokes a more comforting feeling than walking on cold, hard floors.

Why? Based on their textile materials, fitted carpets possess the physical property of being able to store heat between their fibres. For one, this ensures a more constant room temperature. In addition, a carpeted room is considered both physically and psychologically warmer than a room with a wooden or stone floor at the same room temperature.


The logical conclusion: the room temperature in rooms with fitted carpets can be lowered without causing the people in the room to perceive that it is colder. Just 2°C difference can result in energy savings of up to twelve percent!

Fitted carpet is therefore truly an all-round good idea: for the eye, a sense of well-being, the environment, and for the wallet. By the way, all of our fitted carpets are also suitable for heated floors. Nothing could be cosier.