Sustainability brochure

In our new sustainability brochure, you can now read exactly how we at INFLOOR-GIRLOON implement this topic.

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Sustainable in every fibre

We take an integrated approach to sustainability. This is why we not only pay attention to the quality of the raw materials we use, responsible production methods and a sustainable approach are also part of our philosophy. We are therefore very happy that we have been able to reduce our energy consumption levels by approx. 85% and our environmental impact by approx. 70% thanks to our innovative digital printing procedure. We also reduce our C02 emission by 570 tonnes every year. It is no wonder then that we received investment aid from the Federal Ministry for the Environment as part of the environment innovation program. We consistently take an innovative path and are always looking for ways of making our production even more efficient with respect to the resources used.

Infloor-Girloon carpets are awarded the Blue Angel seal

Not only our production facility received this seal but also our products. We are the first carpet manufacturer to be awarded the Blue Angel environment seal for our woven and tufting products to certify that they were produced with very low emissions thereby fulfilling exacting environment requirements. Of course, all tufting products from third-party manufacturers that use our easyTEX system may now also bear the Blue Angel seal.

Certified quality for all products

Because we are constantly developing our product range, we can provide evidence of the "TÜV PROFiCERT Premium" for our complete range - both for the sheeting and for all modular systems. This label proves that all Infloor-Girloon products comply with all emission requirements of the following labels:

AgBB / Belgische VOC-Verordnung / LEED v4 / Breeam Exemplary Level / Finnische M 1-Klassifizierung / GUT/PRODIS / RAL-UZ 128 (blauer Engel) / EU-Ecolabel / Österreichisches Umweltzeichen UZ56

DGNB membership

All our products comply with the requirements and standards set by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The DGNB believes sustainability involves a society’s commitment as a whole to take responsibility for current problems like climate change and resource scarcity, instead of leaving them to future generations.

LEED certification

From LEED 4.0 building certification, textile floor coverings are required to provide proof of an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) as well as an ABZ (General German Building Inspectorate Approval). We can provide the required certifications for our entire product range