Tailored carpets

Your carpet should remain a perfect, timeless companion for many years to come.
This is why we are continuously developing our products and technologies.

Colaris – our totally unique digital printing technology – represents a special milestone in this regard. Almost any motif or pattern can be conjured up in your carpet – and we mean that quite literally: the colour is not applied superficially, but penetrates deep into the fibres and down to the base. With high resolution and sharp contours, long-lasting durability and available from 100 square metres.

INFLOOR-GIRLOON carpet tiles with our special liftBAC technology also give you unprecedented flexibility: different colours, structures and patterns can be playfully combined. Adhesives that take a long time to dry and smell unpleasant? Thanks to liftBAC, those adhesives are now a thing of the past. Simple, easy to handle, efficient and personalised – that’s how carpeting is done today.

Your home – your choice. Learn more about our innovations.

Infloor-Girloon liftBAC

With Infloor-Girloon liftBAC carpet tiles, you can easily combine different colors, textures and patterns to create your own unique carpet.

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Infloor-Girloon Colaris

Discover the revolution of modern carpet solutions – with our worldwide unique digital printing technology Colaris, we can print almost any motif on your carpet. High resolution and sharp contours.

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