Hello, I’m Planky!

First of all, forget everything you know about carpeting. With me, laying a carpet is an entirely different experience! As a carpet tile, I am part of a new modular system that opens up new possibilities while leaving room for individuality. Thanks to my perfectly practical dimensions, you can carpet rooms of any size with minimal offcuts. Choose your favourite design and start gluing, one tile at a time! By the way: I’m not only easy to install, but also easy to remove again. Say goodbye to your carpeting frustrations, once and for all.

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I am innovative.

A Planky rarely comes alone! Carpet tiles from Infloor-Girloon work in a modular system. Thanks to the handy format and the innovative, self-adhesive liftBAC coating, installation is quick and easy: place the carpet tile, press it down, place the next tile and so on. Directional markings are provided on the back. But glued the wrong way? Or blotted? No problem. The carpet tiles can be easily removed from the floor and replaced if necessary.

Planky has many faces - configure your Planky according to your wishes

I am individual

Carpet tiles from Infloor-Girloon are available in many different colors, patterns and surface textures. So there is the right carpet tile for every taste and every room concept. Of course, different designs can also be combined with each other. With our worldwide unique digital printing technology Colaris, we can bring almost any pattern or motif onto the carpet - high-resolution, sharp contours, color-intensive and environmentally friendly.

Retailers in your area

Retailers in your area

Suitable partners in your vicinity, authorised dealers throughout Germany - Here you will find all the important contacts for carpets and tiles from INFLOOR-GIRLOON. Clearly arranged and fast. Always at your side.

Ihr Teppichfreund Dresden 3
St. Petersburger Str. 9 , 01069 Dresden
Parkett Häser Raumausstattung GmbH
Fritz-Reuter-Str. 39 , 01097 Dresden
TTM Suhl GmbH
Großenhainer Str. 44a , 01127 Dresden II
Uwe Pauling Fußbodenverlegung
Veteranenstraße 2 , 01139 Dresden
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Gompitzer Höhe 7 , 01156 Dresden
Raumkunst Arndt GmbH
Cossebauderstr. 19 , 01157 Dresden
Raumdecor Leue GmbH
Warthaer Str. 25 , 01157 Dresden
ORA GmbH Objekt & Raumausstattung
Gompitzer Str. 47 , 01157 Dresden
W. & L. Jordan GmbH
Tharandter Str. 39 , 01159 Dresden
Schlau Großhandels GmbH
Potthoffstr. 1 , 01159 Dresden
Sören Krätzschmar Raumausstatter
Hohe Straße 56 , 01187 Dresden
Horst R. & Knut Müller Raum + Dekor GmbH & Co.KG
Nöthnitzer Str. 26 , 01187 Dresden
Glück Raumausstattung GmbH & Co. KG
Boderitzer Str. 107 , 01217 Dresden
Heim und Farbe Großhandels GmbH
Alttoma 7 , 01239 Dresden
F.B.R. Fussbodenbau Riedel GmbH
Dohnaer Str. 148 , 01239 Dresden
TTM Suhl GmbH
Dohnaer Str. 174 , 01239 Dresden I
einzA Farben GmbH & Co. KG
Enderstr.94 , 01277 Dresden
Bisch-Chandaroff Werkstätten GmbH
Berggartenstr. 13 , 01277 Dresden
Hometrend GmbH
Enderstr. 94 , 01277 Dresden
Naturböden GmbH
Eilenburger Str. 6 , 01309 Dresden
Ralf-Peter Leuter "Ihr Einrichter"
Rißweg 70 , 01324 Dresden
Schlau HWM
Gartenstr. 50 , 01445 Radebeul
Matthias Rau Raumausstattung
Moritzburger Str. 2 , 01445 Radebeul
W. & L. Jordan GmbH
An den Schindertannen 6 , 01458 Ottendorf - Okrilla
Parkettstudio Dresden GmbH
Bärnsdorfer Hauptstraße 29 , 01471 Radeburg
Raumausstattung Mittag
Parkstraße 2a , 01558 Großenhain
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Teninger Str. 8 , 01619 Zeithain
TTM Suhl GmbH
Südstraße 1 , 01640 Coswig
Berghausstr. 9 , 01662 Meißen
Parkett Häser Fachgroßhandel GmbH
Hamburger Ring 11 a , 01665 Klipphausen
Jörg Müller Raumausstatter
Hainsberger Str. 4 A , 01705 Freital
KK Jungnickel Raumgest. GmbH & Co. KG
Dresdner Str.276 , 01705 Freital
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Hauptstr. 8 , 01809 Heidenau
Prosol Lacke + Farben GmbH
Müglitztalstr. 70 - 72 , 01809 Dohna
Nitsche Farben GmbH & Co. KG
Am Gewerbepark 4 / Gewerbegebiet Wölkau , 01877 Demitz-Thumitz
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Kamenzer Str. 6c , 01896 Pulsnitz
Harald Roschke Fußboden-Roschke
Grenzweg 20 , 01936 Königsbrück
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Schipkauer Str. 13 , 01987 Schwarzheide
Fliesen Lehmann GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 8 , 02625 Bautzen
Raumgestaltung Hohlfeld/Inf.R.EversOerte
Vor dem Schülertor 2 , 02625 Bautzen
Schlau Großhandels GmbH
Schlachthofstr. 29 , 02625 Bautzen
TTM Suhl GmbH
Th.-Müntzer-Str. 2a , 02625 Bautzen
Mega e.G.
Gewerbepark Niedergurig , 02694 Malschwitz
Keramik Löbau Bau GmbH
Stauffenbergstr. 2 , 02708 Löbau
A.Jähne & Söhne Inh. R. Muthman
Neumarkt 2 , 02708 Löbau
Reiner Prietzel Handelshof
Kaiserweg 10 , 02733 Cunewalde
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Christoph-Lüders-Str. 21 a , 02826 Görlitz
Raumausstattung Lehmann
Hauptstraße 12, 02929 Rothenburg OT Lodenau
Hammer Fachmärkte für
Sachsendamm 32 , 02943 Weißwasser
Berliner Str. 23 , 02943 Weißwasser

I am sustainable

Our carpet tiles are not only real eye-catchers, but also sustainable. Their clever format of 25 x 100 cm not only makes them easy to lay, there is also hardly any waste. INFLOOR-GIRLOON liftBAC technology also eliminates the need for additional adhesives. We do not use environmentally harmful heavy coatings such as bitumen, PVC and EVA, and like all our products, our carpet tiles also bear the Blue Angel label. Read more about sustainability at INFLOOR-GIRLOON here.

Install Planky easily at home. Your new floor in no time!


Level and dust-free surface - that's all you need.


All carpet tiles are self-adhesive and marked with the running direction. It could not be simpler.


All carpet tiles have the same format and can be interchanged with each other


Even if you make a mistake during installation or if a stain cannot be removed during use, you can simply replace the tile.

I am colorful.

Planning together is simply more fun - so everyone can have a say too! The Planky coloring book is designed to help little people become big carpet experts. It explains everything about the INFLOOR-GIRLOON carpet tiles in a simple and clear way. On top of that, there's lots of coloring fun!

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