Carpets – simply the better flooring


Carpet provides acoustic advantages by reducing footfall noise and echo, resulting in quieter and more pleasant room acoustics

Allergies & health

Carpet provides security through its soft surface, which cushions falls and reduces the risk of slips and trips.

Installation & replacement

It couldn’t be quicker or easier to modify the carpet to the spatial conditions or replace it if soiled.

Wellbeing & energy saving

Carpet offers an unbeatable feel-good factor, thanks to its soft, warm surface that invites you to walk barefoot on it.


...starts with the ground we walk on. In this respect, INFLOOR-GIRLOON carpets score highly with every fibre. Our carpets improve air hygiene with tested suitability for allergy sufferers and the ability to reduce indoor air pollution and fine dust. At the same time, they are gentle on the joints, relieve strain on the spine and offer a high level of surefootedness. Our carpets and the processes that go into making them are also at the forefront of sustainability, protecting people and the environment. Doing something good for your health has never been more comfortable.

The room of your dreams

Carpets can add to the atmosphere of any room. With a variety of patterns, colours and textures, the INFLOOR-GIRLOON collections allow you to create your own individual room design. Cold feet on hard floors? That’s no longer a problem with our soft, cosy carpets. Carpets also ensure an ideal indoor climate all year round. Our flooring is acoustically amazing, thanks to its sound-insulating properties, which create a quiet living and working environment. Individuality meets comfort.

What about care? Easy!

Our motto is: no mopping needed! Scratches and scuffs on your floors are a thing of the past with INFLOOR-GIRLOON. Regular vacuuming is enough to keep your carpet clean. You don’t need to worry about detergent residues either: small stains can be removed with warm water. We want you to spend your time on more important things – with our carpets, cleaning and caring for your floor becomes a short, simple and inexpensive process. In case of a very stubborn stain, individual Infloor liftBAC carpet tiles can be swapped in a flash, thanks to our unique modular system.

Energy budget

Carpet contributes to energy efficiency by keeping the warmth in the room and creating a cosy atmosphere. Accordingly, the heating in rooms with carpeted floors can often be lowered without compromising on comfort. This is especially helpful when it comes to saving energy in the autumn and winter. We also follow energetically clever paths internally. Our products are 100% made in Germany to guarantee the highest quality and lowest CO2 emissions. We use environmentally friendly materials and innovative technology to save energy and water throughout the manufacturing process.