Not just any carpet, but your very own!

Using the personalised INFLOOR-GIRLOON design tool, you can create a carpet that is as unique as your home or business. Vibrant colours, varied patterns and a unique carpet topography exude that certain something and create the perfect atmosphere based on your chosen combination – and these carpets are naturally state of the art, precise, sharply contoured and especially sustainable. With a variety of backings available to counter any acoustic challenges, they feature a practical modular system and are manufactured to the high quality standards INFLOOR GIRLOON customers expect. We lay the best floors at your feet.

Discover the infinity of colors!

Flexibility - Sharpness of contours - Resource-saving

With only 4 basic colors, we can realize high-resolution, contour-sharp designs in a variety of colors.
With the reduction of water consumption, energy saving and the resulting reduction of CO2 emissions, we protect the environment to a very special extent, so that we have not only thought of nature in the selection of our designs.

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